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The Chef

"Always bring the key ingredient"

Xavier’s culinary journey started from his interest in the hospitality and service

industry, having his first job at Cheddars Casual Cafe as a culinary assistant in

2014. After months of training he started serving and further understood the skills

of providing quality customer service. By working in restaurants, he came across

various types of cuisine. It was his time as a bartender and server trainer at Doc

B’s in 2017 that impacted Xavier deeply. He took in praise and criticism. One of

the executive chefs unbeknownst this them made a comment that inspired Xavier

to create his own menu options and become a restaurateur.

In the summer of 2018, Xavier acquired several books on entrepreneurship and

acquired small kitchen equipment that he’d seen his family use all the time while

prepping food. He started capturing videos of unique techniques on cooking,

adding his flavor in addition to his personality. In the early months of 2020, he

acquired his business license and state permits in order to do business on a

larger scale. His first dinner under Fusion Chamber happened in the month of

February and shows no sign of slowing down.

Inspired by Fusion food and a play of words on his last name, Fusion Chamber was born.

Xavier and his team don’t take anything from granted and is

blessed by each opportunity to cook for a client.

Chef Chambers

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